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Happy Hour

Happy Hour is an exciting opportunity offered to local primary schools on a six week basis. The aim of the afterschool club is to raise attainment in Year 5 and to then follow through to Year 6 increasing pupils SAT Levels.

The club follows a six week timetable covering the following topics:

Craft Activity
MFL Activity

A typical Happy Hour itinerary 

3.15PM Pickup pupils up from primary school in minibus
3.30PM Arrive at Broadgreen International School
3.30-3.50PM Healthy snack/toilet break
Health & Safety Introduction (week 1 only)
3.50-4.45PM Main Activity
4.45-5.30PM Exercise class to include one of the following: Swimming, Dance or Fun Games
5.30PM Leave for primary school
5.45-6.00PM Arrive at primary school (depending on traffic)


Happy Hour has so far been offered to the lots of primary schools including:

Broadgreen Primary 
St Anne's Stanley 
Knotty Ash 
Wavertree C of E 
Blueberry Park 
St Oswalds

If you would like Happy Hour to take place at your primary school please contact Mrs C Foss on 0151 228 6800