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Catch up programmes

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 This page will be updated soon with our evaluation of the catch up programmes from 2017/18

Year 7 Catch Up Premium

The Government has made a commitment to provide additional funding to schools for each Year 7 student who did not achieve the expected standard in reading or maths at the end of Key Stage 2 (KS2). The purpose of this funding is to enable schools to deliver additional support, such as individual tuition or intensive support in small groups, to accelerate the progress being made.


English Faculty 

At Broadgreen International school we are committed to the development of reading and the nurturing of confident readers.

The Catch-Up funding will be used to help encourage and develop reading within the English faculty and in the wider curriculum.

Firstly, the funding will be used to purchase Amazon Kindle e-readers for an initial cohort of 50 identified students who scored below the age related expectation of 100 in Reading. These will be used for all reading intervention and will be pre-loaded with books.

In total, 85 students entered Broadgreen with a score of 99 or less. Other interventions will target those students who are particularly weak readers and they will consist of the students who scored between 80 and 89. 50 students who scored between 89 and 99 have been selected for the e-readers.


  • Narrow the gap by nurturing an enjoyment of reading.
  • Enhance the provision of reading and reading intervention.
  • Identify areas within the English curriculum where extra support is needed.
  • Adapt intervention based on the individual students.

Catch-Up Premium 2017/18

The funding for this year is £8500

  • £1700 has been spent on texts to support reading in the curriculum.
  • Three Read and Feed sessions have been calendared for the  families of the 50 identified students
  • The sessions will nurture a working relationship between the school and families so that we can promote reading and continue to have positive dialogue about reading.
  • Families will have a meal with the English Faculty and we will provide support and resources.
  • Approximately £500 will be spent on providing families with a meal at the three Read and Feed sessions.
  • An initial outlay of £2500 will be spent on the Amazon Kindle e-readers, rising to £3500 for other students.
  • £500 will be spent on texts to be downloaded on to the e-readers, along with resources to complement the scheme.
  • £2000 will be spent on additional software to support reading.
  • Trainee teachers from Hope University will mentor the cohort of 85 students, using the Kindles for guided reading sessions.
  • The remaining funding (£800 approx.) will be used for rewards and incentives 

Impact from 2016-17 interventions

  • 53.3% of students have maintained or improved their reading age by the end of year 7.
  • 40.4% show evidence of improvement by at least one sub-level from year 7 summer term to year 8 autumn term data entries.
  • 77.7% of students in this cohort who entered year 7 below expected progress were on or above flightpath by summer term 2017. By the autumn term of Y8, the number of students achieving above flightpath has doubled.

Impact from 2015-16 interventions

  • 27% of students made one sub level of progress
  • 53% of students made two or more sub levels of progress

Quote  from a previous student: “ I didn’t like to read because it was just letters; I like reading now ‘cause there are no limits.”


Maths Faculty

Here at Broadgreen International School, we will be using this extra funding to provide additional support to identified Year 7 & 8 students so that they are able to reach their full potential in Mathematics.

This year the Catch Up Premium funding is being used to provide extra one to one tuition and small group Mathematics intervention support; to purchase extra numeracy and mathematical resources to support learning and teaching; and to provide incentives and reward schemes for our Catch Up students.

Out of the current year 7 cohort of 207 pupils, 21% (44 pupils) are entitled to Catch Up as they have arrived with us with a standardised score below 100.

Objectives of Catch Up Funding

  • To narrow the gap by providing intensive literacy and numeracy support to raise the attainment of students entitled to Catch Up Premium
  • To enhance existing provision
  • To identify concerns and target intervention and support to accelerate progress
  • To intervene quickly if any chosen strategy or intervention fails to show impact

Catch-Up Premium 2017/18

This year the additional funding provided by Catch Up Premium is £8500 in Mathematics.  

How we will spend our allocation:

  • Developing students understanding of core mathematical principles using bespoke software packages and kinaesthetic resources
  • Giving students the time and support to practise and master core mathematical and numerical skills in form and class time.
  • Following a bespoke scheme of learning for term 1, which will develop and build upon core numerical skills
  • Building student confidence in maths and fostering their enthusiasm for the subject                                                                                  

Accelerated Mathematics Programme               £2500

Breakfast Club                                                     £500

Enrichment day/activities                                  £1000

iPad Software                                                      £700

Additional intervention software                      £2000

Numeracy Resources                                         £800

Incentives and Rewards Schemes                     £1000


The impact Catch-Up Premium had in 2016/17

The progress of the 2016/17 cohort of students was as follows:

  • 70% of pupils  (57 pupils) on the programme made at least one sublevel of improvement throughout the year
  • 59% of pupils (48 pupils) made two or more sublevels of improvement        


Y7 Catch-Up Premium 2016/17

The additional funding provided by Catch Up Premium was £6 000 in Mathematics.  

How we spent our allocation :

Accelerated Mathematics  Programme


iPad Software


Numeracy Resources


Incentives and Rewards Schemes



Quotes from Year 7 pupils in 2015/16

`‘Catch Up Maths has given me confidence to put my hand up in class and have a go at giving an answer when before I kept my hand down as I was scared of getting things wrong’

‘I feel as though things are making more sense now when I am in class’

‘Doing Catch Up has allowed me to become more confident in dealing with numbers’

‘Catch Up Maths has made me realise how important being able to improve my level of Maths is for the future’

The impact Catch-Up Premium had for year 8 in 2015/16

The progress of the 2015/16 cohort of students was as follows:

-59% of pupils on the programme made at least one sublevel of improvement throughout the year

-79% of pupils made two or more sublevels of improvement