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Extreme Weather Policy




1.  Introduction

Broadgreen International School is committed to opening in all circumstances, it is very unlikely that Broadgreen International School will ever have to close and parents and students should assume the School remains open unless they hear otherwise.

However in the event of severe weather conditions (very heavy snow) the School considers the safety and wellbeing of its students and staff with the utmost importance and any decision to close the School will be taken after the following have been considered :

  • Are there/will there be enough staff members to be able to provide a proper educational environment ?
  • Can the School provide lunch for all students ?
  • Are the School grounds clear of snow/ice to be safe for access ?
  • Can the School be heated to legally required temperatures ?
  • Does the building have enough lighting and hot water ?

The School will also take into account local and national weather forecasts and may base our decision to close (or remain closed during a prolonged snowy spell) on these.

2.  Communications

2.1 Snowfall overnight

If there is heavy snowfall overnight the School Management Team will need to decide whether it is safe to open the school.  We will do everything possible to make our decision by 7.00 a.m.

If we decide not  to open we will :

Contact Radio City and Radio Merseyside who will broadcast the closure on air

Record a telephone message on the School’s main number 0151 228 6800

Update the School’s website www. broadgreeninternationalschool.com

Text as many parents as possible via the School text service

2.2. Snowfall during the school day

If there is heavy snow during the school day, the students will be sent home at the most timely and appropriate time.

We will send a letter home with each child, informing parents/carers to check the Schools communications systems as in 2.1

Members of staff who live in vulnerable geographical areas will be invited to go home at the safest opportunity.

3.  Exams

The School will implement emergency contingency plans for staffing exams and students should always turn up to sit their exams as normal.

4.  Ground Safety

4.1 Grounds Safety

In the event of heavy snow or ice the site staff will try to ensure a clear pathway into the School site and grit the cleared path as per the gritting plan.  This will mean that priority will be given to Heliers Road Entrance and that other gates may be closed.  There will be signage indicating this.

4.2 Planning Ahead

Please have the School phone number with you (0151 228 6800) if you normally pick your child up and are going to be late, inform us and we will inform them