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Bröadgreén Íntêrnãtiønal Sçhòol

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Deaf Resource Base


The school has a specialist Deaf Resource Base (DRB) which caters for the individual needs of Deaf pupils. It is a purpose-built unit attached to the mainstream school with video conferencing and interactive whiteboards. 

A dedicated team of trained staff works within the DRB comprising Teachers of the Deaf and Communicators. British Sign Language is the first language of most of our Deaf pupils. 

The DRB provides support for all Deaf pupils in mainstream classrooms and discrete groups within the base. The need for specialised individual and group teaching from teachers and Deaf role models is recognised as vital to the emotional and academic learning and progress of our pupils


Faculty Members

Ms C-A Williams (DRB Manager)
Ms H Briscoe
Mr P Hennessey
Mr S Heron
Ms A Howells
Mr J Williams
Mr A Hussain
Ms N Farmer
Mr C Dixon