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Full cast meeting Tuesday 17th July 

2.10 until 2.30pm

Sister Act rehearsal schedule over the summer. We understand that some of you will be unable to make these rehearsals but just let us know which ones you can and can't make. If your name doesn't appear on the list below you are not needed.

These rehearsals will finish at 3pm. Bring lunch with you, you won’t be able to go out to get lunch, once you’re in, you’re there until 3pm.

 Day 1- Thursday 26th July

9.30 start for:-

Kate, Andrea, Amber, Harry, Adam, George, Jakob, Jack,

11.30 start for:-

Sam, Nathan, Bang, McKenzie, Maddie, Shae

1pm start for:-

Hannah, Skye, Lucy, Amy, Jasmin, Amber, Jade, Eve, Chloe, Kaitlyn, Katie, Lacey, Maddie, Lauren, Libby, Rachel


Day 2- Tuesday 31st July

9.30 start for:-

Kate, Hannah, Skye, Lucy, Amy, Jasmin, Jade, Eve, Chloe, Kaitlyn,  Amber, Lacey, Maddie, Lauren, Libby, Rachel, Harry, Adam, George, Jakob,

11 am start for:-

Sam, Adrianna, Amelia, Bang, Jack, McKenzie, Mia, Nathan, Robert, Zac

1pm start for:-

Maddie, Shae