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                Dress Code               


Our Sixth Form is a very important part of our school community. The students are important role models for our younger students.

Whilst being in the Sixth Form is very different to the experience in the main school and students are treated as young adults and have more privileges and responsibilities, it is also important to consider that school is primarily a work environment. Furthermore, we are preparing our young people for the world of work.

We value the increasing independence and individuality of our young people, however we feel this needs to be balanced against ensuring students come to school with the correct approach remembering that this is a professional work environment. Main school students have a clearly defined uniform and it is important to also remember that staff also have a dress code.

We have consulted widely with the sixth form and there is a lot of support amongst the sixth formers for the proposed dress code. Indeed, after various meetings and discussions organised by the Committee within Sixth Form between both students and staff, we have come to a unanimous decision that the dress code should be as follows:



  • White blouse
  • Smart black skirt/trousers/pinafore/dress *
  • Smart black jacket/cardigan/jumper
  • Smart black low heeled shoes or pumps



  • White shirt
  • Black tie
  • Smart black trousers
  • Smart black V-neck jumper / cardigan
  • Smart black shoes or pumps


PE Students**

  • Broadgreen PE tracksuit
  • Trainers


*              Dresses must cover shoulders

**           PE students to follow regular dress code on non-sport days

***     No shorts are allowed unless for PE