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Citizenship, SMSC & British Values

The promotion of Citizenship is a core element of life at Broadgreen International School. We believe that citizenship education is essential to help students to prepare for life as responsible citizens.

Citizenship education is a cross-curricular theme across the school rather than a separately taught lesson. It is promoted through PSHE and Religious Education as well as forming an integral part of all curriculum areas. All Curriculum Areas are encouraged to raise the profile of citizenship through their teaching of the subject and within the general ethos of the school. Citizenship Education involves students developing an understanding of the role of individuals/groups and how they can influence and promote the development of laws and changes within society. We aim to enable all students at Broadgreen International School to make their own decisions and take responsibility for their own lives and of the wider community around them (local, national and global).

Students at Broadgreen International School are encouraged to play an active role in the wider life of the school. They take on extra responsibility in many ways including:

  • School Council
  • School Elections for head Boy/Girl
  • Fund raising for charities
  • Participation in extracurricular activities

SMSC is an extremely important part of the curriculum at Broadgreen International School. It is thoroughly embedded into the teaching and learning of all curriculum areas at the school.

  • The purpose of spiritual development is to encourage students to develop personal values and beliefs, an ability to reflect, a mature ability to communicate their beliefs, an understanding of the positive role of faith and religion and tolerance of other people.
  • The purpose of moral development is to encourage students to develop knowledge and understanding of the concept of right and wrong within our society. Students should demonstrate a clear understanding of the difference between right and wrong, respect for people and property, an understanding of how their actions impact on others and positive behaviour in all areas of their lives.
  • The purpose of social development is to encourage students to develop the positive personal qualities essential for living in modern Britain. The school helps students to develop these skills by consistent adherence to the school behaviour policy, providing opportunities to participate in the school council, providing opportunities to take in part in extracurricular opportunities and school trips and a caring pastoral system.
  • The purpose of cultural development is to encourage students to develop an appreciation of the wide range of cultures that make up out hugely inclusive and diverse school. The school encourages students to develop and understanding of the shared and unique cultures within the school. This is thoroughly within the context of our multicultural city and country.

Broadgreen International School are proud to promote the “British Values” of Democracy, Rule of Law, Individual Liberty, Mutual Respect and Tolerance of other faiths and beliefs in all aspects of school life. The promotion of these values helps our students to play a full and active role in modern Britain.

  • Democracy is extremely important to us at Broadgreen International School. Annual elections are held for the positions of Head Boy and Girl. We have an active school council, which provides students with a clear and important voice.
  • The Rule of Law and the importance of laws and positive behaviour are frequently reinforced and students are taught to be responsible for their actions. Students are made aware of the rules of the school and the expectations on them by consistent use of the Broadgreen behaviour policy. Positive behaviour is rewarded by the use of the VIVO points system.
  • Individual Liberty is promoted at Broadgreen International School by encouraging students to be independent and think about their rights and responsibilities as well as the choices they make. Students are encouraged to take responsibility for their actions. They are taught how to exercise these freedoms safely, for example through the provision of e-safety training. Students support others by helping out with out after school “happy hour” sessions for local primary school students. They also take an active role in supporting others through visits to local care homes and charitable events such as Children in Need.
  • Mutual Respect is an important element of the Broadgreen International School values. Students are encouraged to think about the impact of their actions on others. We are a hugely inclusive school with a diverse student population. Respect for each other underpins everything we do at the school both in and out of lessons. Mutual respect is also promoted through the use of sports days and working closely with local primary schools.
  • Tolerance of other faiths and beliefs is imperative to our diverse school community. All students are respected regardless of faith, race, heritage, gender, sexual orientation or ability. The teaching of other faiths and beliefs is primarily delivered through the teaching of Religious Education. However, it also underpins life at Broadgreen International School. The appreciation of other cultures is encouraged through our annual “International Evening”. The school has very close links with schools in India, China and Gambia and students are immersed in these cultures through annual visits to these schools.


Lead Responsibility for Citizenship, SMSC and British Values
Mr M Golding