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Religious Education


The RE department has combined these two statutory components of the curriculum and developed an engaging, interesting, relevant and enjoyable course. The thematic approach enables staff to deliver these two subjects side by side.

The international dimension of RE at Broadgreen embraces all pupils regardless of denomination, race or religion. Spiritual, moral, personal, social and cultural development is extremely well promoted through these subjects where personal beliefs and values are explored and where global awareness has become an integral part of the curriculum.

Spiritual development is cultivated by specialist staff who encourage pupils to ask and reflect upon the big questions in life such as Why are we here? What happens when we die?
Personal development is promoted in RE lessons which combine confidence building with a strong sense of self worth and self meaning. Pupils are encouraged to examine their experiences, the decisions they make and the relationships they have. Pupils are given the opportunity to discuss and debate social issues which heighten moral development and encourage pupils to become informed active citizens who have the confidence and conviction to take action in their communities.
The values shared with pupils in RE lessons underpin the ethos of our school and contribute significantly to the spiritual, moral, personal, cultural and social development of Broadgreen pupils.


1.1 Democracy and justice

1.2 Rights and responsibilities

1.3 Identities and diversity: living in the UK


2.1 Critical thinking and enquiry

2.2 Advocacy and representation

2.3 Taking informed and responsible action


Faculty Members
Mr K Brayne (Curriculum Leader)

Mrs R Pryor
Mrs K Howell