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Art & Design, and Photography - KS4


KS4 Art pathways begin in year 9. Students have the opportunity to study Art and Design through academic or vocational routes which prepare students for careers in creative industries.

AQA GCSE Art and Design (Fine Art Endorsement) YR 10/11

If you enjoy being creative, want to increase your practical skills and improve your analytical, communication and research abilities, art and design is a great choice. The skills you gain make it a great complement to other subjects. Art and design is a way of seeing things and making sense of the world around you. It can help you with further study and prepare you for the world of work.

Fine art explores ideas, conveys experiences or responds to a theme or issue of personal significance. The areas of study are very broad and cover drawing, painting, sculpture, installation and mixed media.

Students will have opportunities to visit local galleries in order to develop critical knowledge and understanding of art, to explore cultural and historical context as well as gaining an insight into contemporary practices.

Component 1


Portfolio of work

UNIT 1 - Dramatic portraits

UNIT 2 - Fantastic & Strange



Component 2

Externally set assignment



YR9 Art and Design (Photography Endorsement)

This is a Pre-GCSE course which builds skills, knowledge and understanding of Photography media, techniques and processes preparing students for year 10 and 11. Students will produce a series of mini units exploring starting points based on visual and tactile elements such as; Line/colour/shape/space/composition and light.

All GCSE Art & Design courses will be assessed using the following criteria


Develop ideas through investigations, demonstrating critical understanding of sources.


Refine work by exploring ideas, selecting and experimenting with appropriate media, materials, techniques and processes.


Record ideas, observations and insights relevant to intentions as work progresses.


Present a personal and meaningful response that realises intentions and demonstrates understanding of visual language.


YR10/11 AQA GCSE Art and Design (Photography Endorsement)

The Art and Design endorsed Photography course will involve using digital photography methods of development and production to create static images. Learners will explore and analyse the work of other digital media photographers and also a wider range of art and design to enable learners to demonstrate a greater understanding and knowledge of styles, genres and traditions.

This course will develop learner’s confidence and technical skills in a variety of digital photographic media, techniques and processes. They will use Photoshop software to manipulate and develop their ideas plus present their work electronically.

Component 1


Portfolio of work

UNIT1 - Line

UNIT2 – Distortion


Component 2

Externally set assignment



Year 9 Art and Design

This is an introductory year to BTEC Level 2 First award in Art and Design. Students will develop skills, knowledge and understanding of a broad range of specialist Art and design practices to prepare them for year 10 and 11 course of study. Students will explore project briefs on the following topics; -

  • Wildwoods
  • Celebrity Portraits
  • Under the microscope


Year 10/11 BTEC Level 2 First award in Art and Design

BTEC Art and Design is a vocational qualification that is aimed at learners who are interested in entering employment in the Creative industries. It is a level 2 qualification; however, it is graded at Level 2 Pass (Grade 4-5 GCSE), Level 2 Merit (Grade 6- 7), Level 2 Distinction (Grade 8), Level 2 Distinction* (Grade 9), Level 1 and Unclassified, Students will explore the following units -


Introduction to Specialist Pathways in Art and Design

Internal assessment


Creative Project in Art and Design

Externally set exam


Communicating Ideas in 2D

Internal assessment


Communicating Ideas in 3D

Internal assessment


All Units must be completed to achieve a Level 2 award.

This course is due to be replaced by BTEC Tech Award 2018 more information to follow.