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Geography - KS4


OCR A GCSE Geography Specification  


Units of study

Content overview

Assessment overview


  • Landscapes of the UK
  • People of the UK
  • UK environmental challenges

Living in the UK today (01)

60 marks

1 hour paper written paper

30% of total GCSE

  • Ecosystems of the planet
  • People of the planet
  • Environmental threats to our planet

The World around us (02)

60 marks

1 hour written paper

30% of total GCSE

  • Geographical skills
  • Fieldwork Assessment

Geographical skills (03)

80 marks

1 hour 30 minutes written paper

40% of total GCSE


The precise topics to be covered will be introduced to you by your Geography teacher.

Case studies we will be used to link the key concepts and processes to specific places and events and therefore your knowledge and understanding will be clearer.  The number of case studies required through the course will be limited to enable us to recall appropriate information more carefully, accurately and appropriately.  

Summary of assessment

At various points through the course we will test your geographical knowledge, understanding and skills by setting past paper questions.  These will allow us to gain an understanding as to which level of entry will be best for you in your final GCSE examinations.  You will also complete a series of revision/examination practice work booklets to further support your learning. 


You will be required to complete two fieldwork activities for the course.  It is hoped we will complete two separate trips so we have enough time to explore two differing locations: human environment and physical environment.  You will use the skills and expertise gained on these days to help you with the Geographical Skills examination paper (03).

Geographical skills

To supplement your fieldwork you will develop an awareness and understanding of a wide variety of geographical skills through the course that you will be able to use across the three papers but more specifically for you Geographical Skills (03) written examination paper.  These include:

Using a range of maps at different scales / charts and graphs / annotations / field sketching / analysis / evaluation / presenting and communicating data / extract information / interpret information / describe patterns / use map skills / numerical and statistical data / evaluate visual images (photographs), cartoons etc. 

The Geography Department are here to help you enjoy and be successful with your studies.  Ask for help at any time!  If you put your best effort in to your work and have the appropriate positive attitude then you will be successful!

Good luck with your studies and remember

‘Geography is the subject that holds the key to our future!‘ Michael Palin