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Mathematics at KS4

Students at Broadgreen start their GCSE in year 9.  Learning is supported through a variety of methods, including after-school tuition, one-to –one tutorials, distributions of revision materials, booster sessions prior to all external examinations, half-term revision classes and a variety of websites.

The Mathematics Faculty strives to lead through innovation and shared good practice.  The department has interactive SMART boards and visualisers in each classroom, allowing lessons to become more engaging and accessible to all learners.  Lessons are differentiated and pupils will have the opportunity to solve problems which re-enforce and stretch pupils understanding.

Functionality processes are embedded in all lessons, which allows students to develop important skills such as representing information, communicating ideas, reflection upon their work, analysing data and interpreting evidence.  These are designed to facilitate the progression from Key Stage 4 into Key Stage 5 or the world of work.  Whatever students decide to do after completing their GCSE course, their mathematics lessons will have been a valuable use of their time.

At Broadgreen, students follow the Edexcel scheme of work. The are two pathways; foundation and higher.  Students will be entered at the appropriate level at the end of year 11.  This exam is based on the new curriculum where pupils will be awarded a numerical grade (9-1).


GCSE 2 year Scheme of work – year 11

GCSE 3 year Scheme of work – years 9 and 10




















Welcome to the Mathematics Department

The Mathematics Department here at Broadgreen International strives to improve the standard of our pupils’ maths skills through enjoyment and challenge. We have purpose built classrooms which are fully equipped with interactive SMART Boards, PCs, Laptops, Visualisers, Wireless connectivity, and iPads which all contribute to making the delivery of the curriculum engaging.  We feel homework is important for consolidating learning and every pupil should be completing at least one homework task each week.


We subscribe and use various websites to support the learning of our pupils at all key stages. Please see the link below. Some websites have individual logins, pupils can obtain these from their Maths teachers.











Year 7 & 8

Year 7 & 8 are currently following the Kangaroo Maths scheme of work. The scheme of work is based on different stages from 1 to 10. Stages are selected for pupils based on their ability and starting point in secondary school. This allows pupils to follow the curriculum based on their capabilities not their age. They will follow a particular stage for the whole year, with the idea of becoming masters in the topics covered. Rather than moving onto new topics they will be extended using further tasks to deepen thinking and more in-depth problem solving. Below is a quote from the National Curriculum which is linked to the stages of Kangaroo Maths Mastery.

"The expectation is that the majority of pupils will move through the programmes of study at broadly the same pace. However, decisions about when to progress should always be based on the security of pupils’ understanding and their readiness to progress to the next stage. Pupils who grasp concepts rapidly should be challenged through being offered rich and sophisticated problems before any acceleration through new content. Those who are not sufficiently fluent with earlier material should consolidate their understanding, including through additional practice, before moving on."


Pupils will be assessed throughout the year to test knowledge and check understanding and mastery of topics. Pupils will have formal assessments at the end of every term and will also complete BAM tasks ‘Build a Mathematician’ to assess their mastery for a particular objective. Questions have been designed to assess fluency, reasoning, problem solving and a student's ability to apply their understanding. One further question will always focus on a misconception.

Pupils will no longer be assessed using levels. They will now follow a particular flight path. Please see further information on flight Paths.


Click here for a class to stage mapping document for years 7 & 8

Click here for the time allocation plan for each stage

Click here for the details of Stage 5

Click here for the details of Stage 6

Click here for the details of Stage 7

Click here for the details of Stage 8


Faculty Members

Mr M Lightfoot (Assistant Headteacher/Faculty Leader)
Mrs C Smithies
Mr S Rouch 
Mrs A Stockley
Mrs J Duckworth
Mr J Short
Ms C Stewart
Mr J Miller
Mrs V Wilcox
Mr N Hyland
Mr J Duff
Ms A Tuson
Miss S Lawlor