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Travel and Tourism

BTEC – Level 2 Tech Award

What’s it all about? This course is designed to introduce you to the idea of Travel and Tourism as a potential area for employment and also to build on some of your geographical knowledge, skills and understanding.  The world of travel and tourism is a massive industry as we all certainly travel short or long distances and many of us have been on holiday or visited tourist destinations.  As we travel through the course we will uncover answers to some of the questions you may have such as:

  • Why do people travel?
  • Where do people travel to?
  • Who works in the travel industry?
  • What happens at airports?
  • How has the travel and tourism industry changed over time and what will it be like in the future?

Units of study - There are 3 components that we must complete for the Level 2 Tech Award and these are as follows:

Unit 1:  Travel and Tourism Organisations and Destinations

Unit 2: Influences on global travel and tourism

Unit 3: Customer needs in Travel and Tourism.

Assessment - Each of these units is assessed and you will have a number of assessments that you will have to complete for each unit.  These will be completed in school and you will be able to amend and improve these as we go through the course.  They will be assessed by your teacher and then they will be assessed by an examiner from the examination board.  One unit is assessed via an external assessment marked by external examiners.

Field trips and visits - In order to complete the course we will undertake a number of fieldtrips and visits to explore the Travel and Tourism industry in greater detail and help us complete our assessments.  I am positive these will be very enjoyable and exciting opportunities!!