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Headteacher's Welcome

Welcome, Willkommen, Bienvenido, Bienvenu

Welcome to Broadgreen - our vibrant, diverse and energetic school!

Broadgreen International is a happy school that values the quality of relationships between people. Our staff, students, parents, carers and wider community work together to ensure that our students are challenged and supported to be the best they can. We are passionate about the progress and development of every young person’s journey into adult life and work tirelessly to ensure they have access to fantastic opportunities to enhance and enrich their experiences. You just have to browse our website to see the extent of trips and visits we run to ensure that learning is meaningful and linked to real life. We have an excellent team of staff who always go the extra mile for our children and are exceptionally proud of their achievements

As a school we seek to instil in our children a positive attitude, a sense of purpose, high self-esteem and a commitment to both working and excelling together

We are extremely proud of our long-standing and extremely successful Sixth Form centre, delivering the world renowned International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme and the Career-related Programme – quite simply, a unique provision in the City of Liverpool!

If this is the first contact that you have had with our school, please continue browsing. I hope our website gives you a clear picture of who we are and why we are so unique. We hope you will continue learning about our fabulous school and consider joining us on a seven year journey, taking you through Key Stage 3, 4 and Sixth Form and then onwards as we celebrate together the opening of doors for our young people, watching as they go on to live happy, fulfilled lives

Broadgreen International School

Our Vision

  • To support our school community in realising their potential through inspirational teaching, personal support and outstanding opportunities – we will empower all to achieve and inspire them to excel!
  • To provide our school community with the skills, behaviours and values to enable them to turn their dreams into reality, positively add to their community and to go on to lead a happy fulfilled life

Our Values

We want all of our students to Dream Big! The common values which underpin everything that we do have been produced following consultation with both staff and students are:

Diversity   Resilience   Enthusiasm   Ambition   Mutual Respect

Our priorities

 To build on our many successes by further developing a culture of aspiration, engagement and celebration

In particular we are

  • improving our students’ progress by providing a focus on engagement in learning, challenge and independence
  • improving attendance and punctuality by ensuring our school offers a positive experience for all and recognising those with excellent attendance
  • developing a culture of aspiration and celebration! We want excellence for all and will recognise all who give of their best. Through our strong positive relationships we will continue to develop a culture of mutual respect. We also want to celebrate and develop further the uniqueness of the Sixth Form IB programme and its many successes