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Lockdown - Parents' FAQ

Please check here to see if your question has been answered during one of our weekly Parent Q&A Zoom meetings. If it is not, then you can submit your question for our next meeting in Our School | Latest Updates or via enquiries@bgis.co.uk


Parent Q&A - Frequently asked questions 

Please click here to read information about Broadgreen's remote learning provision


Based upon the Zoom session on 18th January 2021 

Q: When will the children return to school?

A: At present we are anticipating a return to school after half term, but unfortunately we have no more information other than what is shared on the daily news

Q: How I can know about my child's academic performance?

A: We are continuing to follow our school calendar and so assessments and Progress Reports will still take place as scheduled. Progress Reports for the autumn term were sent out before we broke up for Christmas. You can also keep an eye on lessons/feedback via Microsoft Teams and your child's school emails. Please encourage your child to access these daily. Last week the following % of students did access work. Staff monitor where there is non-engagement and we will phone home to let parents know of this is the case

Y7 - 60%; Y8 - 69%; Y9 - 68%; Y10 - 76%; Y11 - 83%

Q: Will there be any live lessons?

A: Live lessons are already taking place in some year groups and we are working this week to set out an expected frequency of live lessons for each subject. This will be available on the website so you are able to see when your son/daughter should be in a live lesson. All live lessons will  be conducted through Microsoft Teams. There are also a number of live drop-in lessons where children can ask their teachers if they are stuck

Q: My child has received separate science papers. Is this right?

A: Science papers are delivered in three separate subject papers as they each cater for a different unit of work. Home learning letters that are in the pack contain the instructions for which parts of the booklets are to be completed.

Q: How are Heads of Year supporting the children?

A: Heads of Year and the pastoral team are really working hard to keep students motivated during this difficult time and it's nice to hear from one parent who has said that this has given their child a real boost. We are holding weekly assemblies via Microsoft Teams and there are emails/quizzes/puzzles/prozes etc sent to the students. They are also supporting children who are struggling with lockdown. Keep an eye out for the Y7 Instagram page and the Head of Year Bake Off competition videos (Note: parents need to join the Y7 Instagram page - Instagram is not available for under 13s)

Q: How are teachers assessing children? Will this affect set changes?

A: Teachers will be assessing students remotely as they normally would do in order to gain an understanding of where students are in their learning. The results in these assessments may be used to inform set changes. However, this is something we are unlikely to be doing immediately upon return to school

Q: Are staff sending text books home?

A: We are not sending books home in the majority of subjects. The work packs contain the knowledge content as well as assessment pieces. The instructions in the pack will guide students on what they need to complete each week. For an overview of the contents of a GCSE course we will add a table to the website which shows the exam boards followed in each subject.

Q: How does school help with providing electronic devices for those that need them?

A: Please contact your child's Head of Year if you need support with this. We have a small number of laptops that we can lend to students


Based upon the Zoom session on 11th January 2021 

Q: Places for key worker children and arrangement of bubbles while in school

A: School is open for vulnerable and key worker children; however, the government message is for students to remain at home wherever possible to try and control the spread of the virus. Students are working on the tasks that they have been set by their teachers so that they are doing the same work as those from home. Class sizes are no more than 15 and food is provided at breaktime. We do not know the date at which school will be re-opened but are currently working to the date of 22.02.21, which is after half-term. We will keep parents updated with any news we hear news from the government about their plans for after the national lockdown.  

Q: What about missed curriculum and Y8 exams?

A: Teachers are planning and covering the curriculum while students are working from home. However, we recognise that this is not the same as being in school, so we will carry out regular assessments to determine content that needs re-visiting. It is important that students engage with their learning whilst at home. School based assessments, such as Y8 exams, will take place as planned. Y8 exams are calendared for the beginning of July. These exams will be based on the work covered.

Q: Question on options

A: Y10 have already chosen their options. Y9 will choose their options this term. Members of the leadership team are meeting this week to look at the option process both from KS3 to KS4 and into our sixth form to review the courses that we currently offer. More information will be shared with parents shortly.  

Q: What support is out there for children and their mental health?

A: https://www.kooth.com/ all students can sign up to this free online service. Students have had assemblies on this fantastic resource. 



If your child is struggling at home, please contact their Head of Year.  

Q: Query around Free School Meal vouchers 

A: Liverpool City Council will be providing us with vouchers which we hope to post out to eligible parents by the end of the weekWe anticipate that each voucher will last for two week period. Please check the Latest Updates section of the website for the most up-to-date information 

Q: How and when will Y11 choose 6th form lessons and will they be granted a place at BGIS? 

A: All students at BGIS will be offered a place in the 6th Form should there be an appropriate course at the correct level for the student.  We are currently reviewing our curriculum offer and we will release our new curriculum offer once it has been finalised.  All Year 11 students and parents will be notified of this. Y11 pupils will be guided through the process.  

Q: Apprenticeships – When to apply and can / should you apply for more than one? 

A: Apprenticeships are available at multiple levels and if you are a Year 13 student some can include a qualification like a degree.  Apprenticeships can start at any time of year, there are no set rules.  The only exception to this is the degree apprenticeship which generally starts alongside the start of the new academic school year in September.  Large employers who offer apprenticeships every year can recruit well in advance so you may see a vacancy in February for an August start.  Yes, you can apply for more than one should you wish to do so.  More information can be found from www.apprenticeships.gov.uk or from the Twitter account ‘The Apprenticeship Hub’ which advertises apprenticeships in the Liverpool city region. 

QYr 13 Exam Update?  What to do in the meantime? 

A: Unfortunately, we have very little information that we can share at this stage.  We are awaiting further information from examination boards as to how students will be awarded grades for missed units.  We have been assured by exam boards that no student will be disadvantaged.  More information to follow. In the meantime students should continue to engage with staff, work hard and complete all new units to the best of their ability as this may be used as evidence to support grades awarded in the summer. 

Q:  Is pupil support available via email? 

A: Yes, absolutely!  All students have access to emails and staff are always on hand to respond to any questions pupils may have.   

Q: What is the school’s response to the IB exam safety questionnaire sent to schools 11th Jan asking if IB schools can safely go ahead with May exam schedule? 

A: As of yet, we have not received the questionnaire.  We will be informing the IB of the lost learning time that students have experienced and the impact that this has had on our curriculum plans.  Until we have any confirmation from the IB, we must proceed as if those exams will go ahead.  There should be a big focus on completing any internal assessment to the best possible standard should this be used to determine grades in the future.  

Q, When will the online learning start, and will this involve live lessons? 

A, All year groups will have access to online learning from 11th January 2021. We know that live lessons are important for the teacher to receive feedback from the students during a lesson but also for the mental health and well-being. Live lessons are currently taking place with the older students and will be rolled out to lower years shortly. Please ensure that your son/daughter engages with live lessons in a ‘safe’ space and that they are dressed appropriately etc. 

Q, How, and when will work be set? 

A, Remote learning at Broadgreen consists of both printed booklets and online learning. Printed booklets have been sent out for year 11 and 10 students already, with years 7-10 to follow this week. These packs contain the work which students are to complete as well as instructions for how to complete each part. Online learning will be set for students each day to follow the ‘normal’ timetable and will be available for students to complete within their lesson time. Students MUST be able to access Microsoft Teams as this is the platform that we are using to issue work to students and to assess what they have done. 

Q, My son/daughter cannot access Educake or Hegarty maths because they don’t know their password, what should I do? 

A, Please ask your son/daughter to email their teacher for the username/password to be reset and sent out to them. 

Q, Will there be a recovery curriculum when my son/daughter returns? 

A, The curriculum is continuing as originally planned during the lockdown period. Therefore, in theory, if students have completed all remote learning tasks then they can return to school and we can pick up the curriculum at the point where we would have been had we been in school. 

Q, How will work be assessed and how will my son/daughter receive feedback? 

Feedback will be given to students through Teams or by email. It may be necessary for students to upload a photo of their written work to Teams. Please see link for instructions.  


Teachers will be assessing completed work and recording this information into a centralised electronic mark book. If work is not completed, please expect a phone call from a member of staff who will let you know and will ask if there's any support we can give to allow online work to be done. 

The printed resources must be brought back into school when students return so teachers can determine how well students have understood each topic. 

Q, Should my son/daughter do the printed or online resources? 

A, The most effective approach would be to complete the online resources. However, the printed resources have been created to run alongside the online learning programme. The content covered during this half term in each subject will be the same in any given week regardless of whether the printed or online resources are used. 

Q, What if my son/daughter completes all their work and needs more? 

A, Students are expected to complete a minimum of 4 hours of work per day. As the normal timetable is being followed, there will be tasks for students to complete each day. I would always encourage students to reinforce their learning by revisiting their prior learning but if you feel that your son/daughter would benefit from more, please either ask them to contact their teacher or inform a member of the pastoral team during the weekly welfare call. This information will be logged and Faculty Leaders can arrange for additional work. 

Q, What if my son/daughter does not have a device to access the online learning? 

A, The school has provided booklets for students to work through in line with the electronic resources online. Year 11 packs were sent in the first week of January, all other years the following week. You can also contact the HOY and request a laptop which we can loan out. These can be collected from school or, in some circumstances, be delivered by staff. A form will need to be completed as part of this process. 

Q, Will staff be contacting home to check on children’s progress and welfare? 

A, Staff will be contacting home for a number of reasons. These could be when we have been made aware that students have not been accessing school work or to check on the welfare of a family with a view to offering support. 

Q, What support is there for my child with SEN who can't cope with home schooling? 

A, Learning Support Assistants (LSAs)will be making weekly phone calls for all SEN students and children with a EHCP will receive twice weekly phone calls.  LSAs will be available for the majority of the lessons and students can use the “chat” function and engage with the support on offer.  Students with SEN will need to use time to chunk work and the use of a timer for different activities will be helpful.  If your children is classed as “vulnerable” then they can work in school.  Please contact either Mrs Leftwick or the Head of Year.