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If children are to achieve their full potential, it is essential that school and parents work in partnership. To help you support us effectively we need to keep you informed.

In order to do this:

You will receive a written Progress Report three times an academic year

You will have easy access to staff should you need to see them

You will receive letters or texts at regular intervals during the year with important information

We will set up personal interviews at key stages in your child’s career

We know that the move to High School can be both exciting and daunting so we do all we can at Broadgreen International School to make that change smooth.

We aim to ensure that each student feels secure, safe and appreciated.

To achieve this:

We have small registration groups

We attach mature Year 10 students to Year 7 groups to help them settle in

We choose Group Tutors who will deal sensitively and expertly with younger students

We celebrate success both in and out of the classroom

Our Group Tutors meet with individual students in order to review their progress