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Pastoral System

Each pupil is placed into a Tutorial Group of approximately 25 pupils, with an Advisor who usually stays with the group throughout, meeting them each day for registration and tutorial activities


A Head of Year is in charge of each year and is responsible for the personal, social and academic development of the pupils in the year.
We also have three Directors of Key Stages who work closely with Heads of Years
The Head of Year is responsible for contact between parents and the school and should be your first point of contact if you need information or to discuss a problem.

If you would like to contact a member of the Pastoral Team, their direct lines are as follows:

Head of Year 7

Mrs J Griffiths

0151 254 6831

Head of Year 8

c/o Mr A Samy


Head of Year 9

Mrs L Tam

0151 254 6832

Head of Year 10

Mr S Tully

0151 254 6856

Head of Year 11

Mr G Lunt

0151 254 6841                            

Sixth Form
Pastoral Support Manager


0151 254 6805

Director of Post-16 Studies

Mrs C McKendrick



Director of Key Stage 2-3                           Mrs L Mulligan

Director of Key Stage 3-4                           Mr  C Lamb

Director of Key Stage 4-5                           Mr D Davies


If you would prefer to contact us by email, please send your message to enquiries@bgis.co.uk and we will forward it on to the relevant person