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Bröadgreén Íntêrnãtiønal Sçhòol

Excel Together


Rock of Ages

Rehearsal schedule (updated weekly)

Tuesday 12th November

Full cast until 3.30 and then the following cast members until 4.30pm:-

Maddie, Matty, Lauren, Katie, Abby, Kate, Amber, Jackson, Kittie, Faith, Oskar, Laura, Macey, Hayleigh, Jay, Nana, Jack, Jasmin, Andrea, Jakob, Ellie, Will, Grace, Evie, Amy, Chloe, Michael, Leighton

Friday 15th November

Full cast    4.30pm finish

We will be running all of Act one again so make sure you did your homework - you need to access the school website and listen to all the rehearsal tracks so you know all your lyrics and your choreography. 

Attendance from a few cast members is a cause for concern- please be aware that we have had to take some people out of certain scenes or songs because they have not been here to rehearse them and persistent absence of this small minority has begun to slow the rehearsal process down. We have a tight schedule so if you regularly miss rehearsals you are putting your place in the cast at risk. 

If you know you are going to be absent from a rehearsal please speak to one of us or email pgilbert@bgis.co.uk before the rehearsal. Sending a message with another cast member is unhelpful as it does not give us any advance notice. 

Thank you to those who have shown 100% commitment. The following people have all had a 100% attendance record to rehearsals since September:

Matty, Maddie, Sam, George, Skye, Jasmin, Jack, Jakob, Evie, Kittie, Michael, Will, Jamie.